Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day? Not for me.

My drive to work. On a freeway that is usually heavily traveled Monday-Friday. Today, it's a ghost town.

This is the reason I busted out my first two-a-day of 2011. I wanted to get todays mileage in just in case I was unable to leave my house. Well, the weatherman was slightly off. Yes, we got a lot of snow, but I was not snowed in. In fact, I came to work. 3 hours late, but I went. So, I am going to run tonight. I will be over my training programs suggested mileage but I don't see how that could be a bad thing. And besides, I am crazy to not take full advantage of the empty gym tonight!


  1. Drive carefully! We are iced in for a second day in a row. It makes me pretty thankful that I have a treadmill because it is bad enough here that I don't think I would try to go to the gym!

  2. Wow, be safe Steph! It looks really brutal on the news.

  3. Hi Steph! I'm popping over from Morgan's list - looks like we will be crossing paths at the Martian so I wanted to introduce myself... you know, like a total "RUNNERD". :)

    Sucks that you had to go to work, but WTG on the double!!

  4. P.S. YAY for no word verification! That makes my heart sing!