Monday, January 31, 2011

January Stats and Highlights

January Miles: 96.47
January Strength Training/Core Days: 13

And a few highlights of the month!

#1: My son turned 13 years old. What does my 13 year old boy ask for? Converse All Stars, money, a store bought bumpy cake, pizza and wings!

#2: I finally started marathon training. I am excited to tackle this program and work as hard as I can.

#3: Concerts! We attended the Kid Rock 40th Birthday Bash at Ford Field and Linkin Park in the Miller Lite Suite. Both were so much fun and a huge factor in why I am giving up alcohol until May 28th!

The husband and I on our way to Detroit!

Happy Birthday Kid Rock!

The husband, sister in-law and friends in the suite

Linkin Park on Stage

Me & my last beer until May. Taken from the suite but drank on the people mover. classy, I know.


  1. OMG your son has a mustache! I remember when he looked so tiny!!

  2. Hope your son has a great bday! I wanted to go to kidrock a couple of years ago - but I couldn't convince my wife ... so we settled for Bon Jovi(kidrock would have kicked a--)

  3. Oh, Kidrock in Detroit, in a Suite!!! Awesome. I heard it was a great concert. I've got a girl turning 13 this month as well!.

  4. Branny- he loves that mustache too! LOL!!

    Jim- Kid Rock was awesome! Next time he puts on a show in the area, go!

    Jeff- does she run? I am trying to get my son into running. I am hoping he joins the track team this spring.

  5. What is a bumpy cake? And I am impressed with your January stats!

  6. Hello! Just stopping by to say hello! Im so jealous that you got to see Kid Rock! That would be so much fun! I look forward to following your training. See ya at Martian!