Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Exercise

A few days late...oh well. here is how last weeks exercise went.

Monday: treadmill work 3 mile intervals, 3 miles at medium pace; 6 miles total
Tuesday: 35 minute tempo run on the treadmill (4 miles), push ups 3 x 15
Wednesday: 3 miles on the track, upper body weights, planks, squats, stretching, push ups 3 x 15
Thursday: Rest Day, cleaned house!
Friday: treadmill work 30 minutes intervals (3.25 miles), leg work: extensions, curls, abduction, adduction, calf lifts, squats
Saturday: Upper Body weights, ab/core work
Sunday: 4 mile race + 1 mile cool down afterwards; chip time 30:04, pace 7:31

Total Mileage: 21.25
Weight: 119.8lbs

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