Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marathon Training...Which Plan?

I am in the process of picking my marathon training program but am not sure which one to choose.

There is Hal Higdon's, which only tops out at 20 miles as my longest run and is 18 weeks long.

Or Cool Running, which tops out at 26 miles and is 20 weeks long.

Which would you choose and why?


  1. So you basically run a full marathon before the actual marathon?

    I'd probably go with the Hal Higdon plan (but I'm not one to give advice as I've never followed a formal training plan). You had a lot of success with your first marathon, so you know it works!

  2. what about doing one of Hal Higdon's intermediate plans and instead of doing 2-20 mile runs, make the second one 22 miles or something. Then - you won't be running a marathon before your marathon, but you'll be closer than only having one 20 miler.

  3. HAve you decided which plan you'll be using? Are you running with your dad again? What is his advice?