Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Running Gifts

Out of all the fabulous gifts I recieved for Christmas, these are, by far, my favorites!

4 bottle fuel belt, gel flask for fuel belt, mega bottle of Hammer Gel in Raspberry (26 servings), 2010 running log and a renewed subscirption to Runner's World (not pictured).


  1. Nice! I've never had an official running log but I think I'm going to start one in a notebook for 2010

  2. Great gifts Steph! Who did your shopping?

    Make sure to post a review of the fuel belt. I HATE, HATE, HATE fuel belts. After developing kidney stones this summer from dehydration, I really need to start running with one though. Hoping I've just tried the wrong ones in the past!

  3. My mom bought me the running log, my dad bought the rest.

    I used the 2 bottle Fuel Belt and really liked it. I am glad I have a 4 bottle now. I plan to use it for the next marathon I run. I used the 2 bottle in October, but had to utilize the aide stations since I went through the 2 bottles quickly.