Thursday, December 3, 2009

not training sucks!

I need to find a race for the month of December and for January. Without having a race in my future, I've totally slacked in running. I have not ran since the Turkey Trot. I have been doing a lot of cross training and strength training, but I really need to keep hitting the pavement...or the treadmill.

Which leads to this. We may cancel our membership at the Y and switch to Anytime Fitness. it's closer to our house (around the block!!!), open 24 hours and they have TV's on each treadmill!! Your own personal TV while running, how cool is that?! I need to call and find out what the membership fees are and when that location will be opening. I have a free 7 day pass I will use before signing up. I need to see if any of the tools from the YMCA switch to this gym and how busy it is at the times I like to go.

Anyway, my work out for this week has been pretty poor.
Monday: 45 minutes on the elliptical, intervals
Tuesday: 40 minutes on the AMT, fat burning setting
Wednesday: none

Plans for the rest of the week
Thursday: Turbo Kick, lots of ab/core work
Friday: weights for biceps & triceps, intervals on the AMT
Saturday: treadmill speed work, weights for back & shoulders
Sunday: stationary bike, leg work, abs

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