Saturday, November 21, 2009

Successful 5K finish!

I PRed! I beat my previous finish time by 9 seconds for a new PR of 23:02! I really think I could have come in under 23 minutes had I not realized I ran the first mile in 6:53. That really messed with my head. I started to convince myself there is no way I could keep that pace and slowed down. I was able to pick it up at mile 2 and again when I hit mile 3. And of course, I had to pass the young guy running next to me, so I sprinted past him to the finish line.

Official Results:
7:26 pace
2nd/42 in my age group

Next up, the Turkey Trot 10K where I hope to PR again! Time to beat is 48:45.


  1. Wow Steph, that's AWESOME! You are totally going to PR on your 10K, speedy! ;)

  2. Great job! That is an amazing time!

  3. That's awesome. Especially the Age Group. You are getting extremely fast. Good luck on the Turkey Trot, I have one also, but will be taking it easy since there is a marathon around the corner. I expect you to pass a younger turkey tomorrow. HA! :)