Monday, November 9, 2009

forgotten sports bra and chased by a dog

I headed out to our property over the weekend since the hubby was out there hunting. Saturday I mapped out a rural 4.5 mile route. I pulled out my gear Saturday morning and low and behold, I forgot my sports bra. Doh! How did I manage to forget such an important article of clothing? No worries, I'll just run in my regular bra.

I headed out and instantly felt pains in my knees. I should have NEVER listened to the hubby when he told me to bring my old shoes since it's mostly dirt roads! My old shoes have no support left in them and shoes are made to get dirty right? So why not run in my newer pair?

So now, here I am with a regular bra on and bad shoes. I run past a farm and had a horse snorting at me. He didn't like me running down his road! Then I pass another house and hear a dog barking. I kept thinking "please don't chase me". It didn't. It did run out in front of his house and bark at me though. Sweet! No worries. I turn on to the next road which is corn fields to the left and right. As near the end of the road, I see two dogs out in a yard. Then I notice the owner in the driveway, so any nervousness passed almost instantly. That is, until I run past, hear the owner yelling and look behind me to see a black dog hot on my heels! It finally stopped, turned around and ran home. What I don't get is the fact the dogs owner just stood up near her home, yelling for the dog. Ok, fine, maybe she knew the dog wouldn't do anything to me, but I didn't know that! I was a bit apprehensive for the next 2.5 miles. I still had 2 more country roads to run on. Nothing happened. Other than seeing a speedway in the middle of a corn field for sale and having a farmer on his tractor wave at me.

The route was a nice one, but next time I will take my mace just in case I get chased by a dog again! And I will also make sure to pack a sports bra!


  1. Oh, that was terrible! Good thing you were able to pull through. That was quite dangerous, and anything could have happened. I hope you weren’t injured by your running shoes, though. That's one lesson learned the hard way. :)