Thursday, September 24, 2009

I need new shoes!

And last night is when I realized it. I started to feel pains in my shins and knees that I normally do not have. I thought about when I bought my last pair of shoes and I couldn't remember! I know it was just before or just into marathon training. I really need to start being better about recording the mileage my shoes have instead of waiting for pains to appear.

So, next week I am off to the store to get my shoes. Sadly, the ones I have now have only seen one half marathon and one 10K. They are jealous of my other pairs that got to see 2 half marathons and various other races.


  1. I just bought my third pair of running shoes today. 30% off Friends and Family at FootLocker/Champs this weekend. Want me to send it to you?

    I always have two pairs broken in at the same time. One I save for longer runs and the second for mid-week maintenance runs. I try to have a third (lighter) pair for speed work... those tend to last longer since they only see track and short speed work miles.

  2. I'd love the F&F discount, but I only wear one kind; Brooks Adrenaline. I also wear a "special" (that is what they said at Running Fit) since I wear the most narrow show they make. Thanks for the offer though!!

  3. I have lovely shoes for running which got from Sports Authority... Those are so comfortable and best!!