Friday, September 25, 2009

14 weeks later, and now it's here; 20 miles!

Tomorrow is the big 20 mile run. I am lucky enough to have a local running shop put on a 20 mile 'training' run. It is a closed road course with GU/water/gatorade stops every 2 miles and has a time clock at the 'finish line'. I can honestly say that I am not nervous. Not today anyway. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. If all goes well, then mentally I will be ready for October 18th, if not, well I don't even want to know what will be going through my mind. So I will stay positive and KNOW that tomorrows run will go great!

Then it's on to 3 weeks of tapering. I am looking forward to this. Marathon training has been long, hard, stressful, fun, painful, but most of all, I had to stay committed. Which I think I did to the best of my ability.

My eyes are already welling up tears knowing that in 3 weeks & 2 days, I can call myself a marathoner.


  1. That is so nice that there is a training run. Have fun!

  2. Getting to run your 20 miler with support is going to be great! Have fun!