Thursday, January 26, 2012

The road to Boston...a dead end?

As I get further along in my pregnancy, the more I am starting to realize that Boston may not happen for me this year.  I've shed many tears over this.  This journey was 2 years in the making and now I may have to bow out.  I know it is only a marathon and I know I can work hard to qualify again but its still hard to swallow.

My dad and husband have both made very valid points on why I may want to consider not going.  I am going to take it day by day because, as of now, I feel great!  I am much slower than I used to be (most long runs being around a 9 minute per mile pace), but otherwise I am running all my scheduled training runs using the same plan I used to BQ.  I have had to omit the tough hill and speed work I used to do, but have supplemented by adding quick pick ups to my shorter runs. 

I don't know.  Part of me thinks I can do this but another part of my thinks that maybe holding off is the best thing to do.  Do I really want to walk majority of the marathon?  Probably not.  But to cross the finish line, earn that medal and buy my 2012 jacket makes me think absolutely, I'll walk for that! 

Only time will tell. 


  1. How far along will you be? If I remember correctly you will be pretty far along right? I honestly do not know what I'd do in your shoes. The idea of going and walking most of that course, while very pregnant, knowing how difficult it would be with the added weight, the small bladder, etc... would definitely make me second guess going... but at the same time it's Boston and you've worked so hard to get there! Oh girl, I just do not know what I'd do! What ever you decide, good luck!!!

  2. Hey Stephanie, it's Mrs.NGM. That's a big decision to make. I know our pregnancies are really different since I was carrying two babies, but for what it's worth I am glad i took it easy during my pregnancy. Singleton pregnancies are a lot different than twin ones, so feel free to take my words with a grain of salt. :)

  3. I'm sorry! I think you should remember that completing boston isn't a reflection on how you perform that day, it is a reflection on the journey you took to get there. I would go and complete it (as long as it was safe to do so) no matter your projeted finish line. It will be an experience you will share with your baby! You must be so torn up. Take your training SLOW. Those 9 min miles probably kill you in the long run. Get used to walk/run intervals now so it is easier on your mind. Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the support ladies! I really appreciate all of your input and advice. :-)