Monday, January 9, 2012

Boston Marathon Training; Week 1

I've got one week under my belt.  My mileage was slightly more than what I have on my training program, but the paces are much slower than what I am used to.  Unfortunately, training for a marathon while being pregnant (I am well into my 18th week) definitely puts a strain on speed.  I am not letting it bring me down though. I am just happy that I am still able to run 5 times a week without having any issues.  My goal is only to finish Boston, not set a PR. 

Monday: 6.61 miles - treadmill
Tuesday: 5.67 miles - treadmill, push ups 5 x 10
Wednesday: 5.26 miles - treadmill, biceps, push ups 5 x 10, core
Thursday: 4.5 miles - treadmill
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 11.60 miles outside w/ hills
Sunday: cross training; 30 minute stationary bike, upper body lifting, core work
Total Mileage: 33.64

and I will leave you with a little something Janae shared in her blog.  Desiree Davila's ridiculously fast 3 x 3 mile repeats. click here to watch the video.


  1. Great week of training! Going to Boston with the attitude of just enjoying the experience is the right idea. There's so much to do there besides the race. I can't imagine what I would have missed if I would have been stressing out about running a PR.

  2. You logged twice as many miles as me and so did your baby. Dang, I'm such a slacker.

    So happy for you and the future little one. Our little girl just turned 3 months. So much fun.

    Happy Training and Happy Pregnancy