Monday, January 30, 2012

Boston Marathon Training: Week 4

or should I title it "non-Boston Marathon Training"? 

Last week wasn't what I had hoped for.  5 days of running turned into 3 days of running.  36 miles turned into 28 miles.  and 2-3 x's of strength training turned into a couple days of doing push ups and 1 day of core work.  I wish I had a good reason why last week turned to crap, but I don't.  I was lazy and slacked off.  I chose sleep over running.  I did attend an early morning yoga class that I will be adding to my weekly training/work outs.  So that is a plus!  I also turned a 14 mile run into a 16 mile trail run.  so again, another plus.  But still, not anywhere near the mileage I wanted to be at.  I will definitely use this coming week to get back on track.  No more slacking off!

Here is how last weeks running and training went.

Monday: 4 mile run - treadmill PM at the gym, push ups 4 x 10
Tuesday: core work; modified planks, straight arm planks, side oblique crunches, seated crunches, Russian twists w/ 5lb weight
Wednesday: 8.02 mile run - outside early AM
Thursday: push ups 6 x 10
Friday: yoga class
Saturday: 16 mile trail run - snowy, icy, wet
Sunday: not a thing!  hello laziness!!
Total Mileage: 28.02 miles



  1. Perspective, lady! You had ONE rest day. I doubt I cracked 25 miles, *not* midway through a pregnancy.

    1. True, but I hardly count a day of core or push ups a work out. I am used to tough speed sessions and high mileage.

      I love being pregnant but hate seeing my fitness level decrease.

  2. I'm not sure if pathetic is the word I'd use. While it's not the training week you were hoping for, it's still a great week. Plus 16 icy trail miles counts for at least 20 on the roads!

    1. You are probably right Dan. Maybe not pathetic considering my "condition". But I look back at last summer and even last winter and I am nowhere near what I am used to my fitnss levels being.

    2. This is not last summer! Your fitness isn't decreasing--it's temporarily on hold. Cherish this time; don't always feel like you have to push push push (well, not for a few more months anyway) in order to be successful. :D

    3. You are doing an amazing job just by getting out there. Try not to beat yourself up over a rough week. If you decide (and your body lets you) to run Boston, I'm sure that a few less miles here and there will not make a huge difference.