Thursday, June 2, 2011

Completed: Marathon Training!! and May Stats

Because I can't forget to post about my last week of training!

Monday scheduled: 3 mile run
Monday actual:  3.5 mile easy run on Treadmill 1% incline 30:36 8:44 pace

Tuesday scheduled: 4 mile run
Tuesday actual: 4.11 mile run early morning around the neighborhood 32:41 7:57 pace, 6 pack ab burn, 10 minute buns & thigh work out, core work, push ups 5 x 15

Wednesday scheduled: rest day
Wednesday actual: rest day

Thursday scheduled: rest day
Thursday actual: 3.10 mile easy run treadmill 26:45 8:36 pace

Friday scheduled: 2 mile run 
Friday actual: rest day, walk around downtown Traverse City

Saturday scheduled: Race Day!
Saturday actual: Bayshore Marathon 26.2, 3:28:59 7:59 pace, new PR, BQ and 11th out of 117 in my age group!!

Sunday scheduled: rest day
Sunday actual: rest day

Schedule Total Mileage: 35.20 miles
Actual Total Mileage: 37.01 miles
Weight: ?

~~~~~~~~May Stats~~~~~~~~~~

May Mileage: 160.46 miles
May Strength Training: 12 days

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