Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Running plans, race photos and such

It's been 11 days since the marathon and after resting for 3 days (May 29-31), I have run everyday since then.  I was originally going to find a race to run at the end of June but have decided to go race free until the relay July 23-24.  Instead I have given myself a 30 day challenge of running everyday for the month of June. Each run counts as long as it's at least 3 miles or more.  Since this will be the longest break between races, this gives me something to do/look forward to accomplishing.  Then come July 1st, it will be upping my mileage and adding 2 two-a-days each week in preparation for the relay. 

Here is a link to the marathon photos. Although they did turn out ok, none compare to this photo.  I don't think any ever will!

So, here is my race calendar for the rest of the year, give or take a race or two. I'd also like to try breaking 20 minutes in a 5K! 

July 23-24th: Red Eye Relay 100 miles - 4 person team
July 30th: Grayling 10K
August 13th: Run Thru Hell 10 Mile Race
August 20th: Somerset Stampede Half Marathon
September 24th: Dance with Dirt 50K
October 16th: Detroit Marathon
November 24th: Detroit Turkey Trot 10K


  1. Seriously got teary over that picture of you & your Dad! What an amazing accomplishment, and to do it w/ your DAD!! I haven't read your recap yet..but i know from TN you BQ'd. I think, right? I'm going to read now .

  2. This picture brought tears to my eyes! That deserves a frame, for sure!