Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly Running & Exercise

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 5.5 mile run w/ speed work on the treadmill, core, push ups 6 x 15

Wednesday: 5 mile run on the track

Thursday: 4 mile run w/ hills on the treadmill

Friday: unplanned rest day

Saturday: 6 mile run on track, strength training for shoulders, biceps, triceps

Sunday: 6 mile run on track, strength training for back, core, lots of snow shoveling!

Total Mileage: 26.5 miles

1 comment:

  1. I've noticed the last several weeks that you have had an unplanned rest day. Not trying to judge because you have a fantastic running schedule(much better than me and much more experience that me) but perhaps you might want to just make your Friday a Cross train day. I have found the bike to work nicely and that way I only do 3 days in a row of running and give my legs a rest(from running at least). I do my cross train on Monday and my rest day on Friday. It seems to work great and gives me a little break from running without feeling like I skipped a run. Just a thought. Good luck with the training.