Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 Race Recap in Photos

February 14, 2010: 4 Mile Race; 30:04 7:31 pace 6th/18 age group place

March 20, 2010: 5 Mile Trail Race; 38:47 7:45 pace 1st/18 age group place
*I am in black behind the girl in blue. It's the only picture I have from this race.

April 25th, 2010: Trail Half Marathon; 2:03:40 9:26 pace 7th/39 age group place
*of course, this picture is where we are on a bridge and not the trail.

May 21, 2010: 5K Race; 21:38 6:59 pace 1st/22 age group place
*no photos from this race

June 6, 2010: Half Marathon; 1:40:47 7:42 pace 12th/183 age group place
*I am almost emarrassed to even share this photo!

August 7, 2010: 12K Race; 56:05 7:31 pace 3rd/15 age group place

August 28, 2010: Half Marathon 1:40:02 7:38 pace 2/12 age group place

October 10, 2010: Chicago Marathon; 3:44:00 8:32 pace 220/3,097 age group place
*At mile 14

October 31, 2010: 10K Race; 46:52 7:33 pace 6th/88 age group place
*another embarrassing photo! and believe it or not, we were running up hill! it's a weird angle shot.

November 20, 2010: 5K Race; 22:51 7:22 pace 2/48 age group place

Noveber 25, 2010: 10K Race; 46:59 7:34 pace 8th/445 age group place


  1. You look great girl! Congrats on all the races this year! You're such an inspiration!

    Is that enough "!!!!!" for you? ;)

  2. You are such a strong runner, good for you! You look amazing, and what a great racing year.

  3. Awesome pictures. I wish I had more pictures from my races. Usually nobody there to take them.

  4. Fun pictures! I think my favorite is the August half where it looks like you're almost out in the wilderness - you look fast and strong. Congrats on a great year.

  5. Steph - I tagged you on my last post.


  6. Congrats on all the great races this year! I love this idea of recapping the year of races in pictures. Very cool. I rarely get pictures at races.
    (made my way here from Detroit Runner's blog!)