Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Exercise

I had a rough week. I took 2 rest days and had to cut a run short.

Monday & Tuesday: Rest Days, I was exhausted. 2 rest days in one week is out of the norm for me, but they were needed.

Wednesday: 10.74 mile trail run 1:46, 9:56 pace, push ups 3 x 15, core work

Thursday: biceps, shoulders, triceps, chest, 1 mile run. I intended to run 3 miles, but I barely made it 1 mile. That trail run really did my legs in.

Friday: 5K race 21:38 6:59 pace, 1st place in age group

Saturday: 11.07 mile run 1:31:31 8:16 pace

Sunday: 40 minutes/9.67 miles stationary bike, back & core work

Total Mileage: 25.91 miles
Weight: 121lbs


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