Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Exercise

What a rough week! After dealing with calf muscle issues, I was unable to run as much as I had planned. The trail run really set me back, but today I was able to run and it felt great! Other then dealing with slight knee pain at the end of my run, my legs felt strong. It felt like an easy run, but still had an 8:07 pace. I am ready to kick butt the coming week! The warm weather motivates me!

Anyway, here is how the week went.

Monday: rest day, hip stretching & exercises

Tuesday: 5 mile trail run with my a foot of snow!

Wednesday: 35 minutes on the AMT intervals at 15% & 5%, tried to run but failed. I was in too much pain!

Thursday: core work

Friday: 10 minutes stationary bike, weights for shoulders, 25 minutes elliptical

Saturday: 10 minutes stationary bike, weights for biceps & triceps, 25 minutes AMT intervals at 20% a& 4%

Sunday: 6.12 mile run, finally able to run again!!

Total Mileage: 11.12 miles (embarrassing!!)
Weight: 119lbs


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better!


  2. Glad to hear you are back out there. Seems like you are well on your way on the road to recovery. Kudos on continuing to train when you are not able to get in road work. :)