Friday, March 5, 2010

Out of Commission

I have not been able to run since Tuesday night when my dad took me to what I like to call Trail Hell. lol

My left calf muscle is super sore and tight. I've been icing and massaging it, but it still hurts to walk, let alone run. I mapped an 8.5 mile route for this weekend that I really hope I can do. I tried to run Wednesday night and only made it .40 miles at 6mph! that is slow and it still hurt. I ended up on the AMT machine. Last night I spent time doing core work and stayed off my leg. I was hoping today I would wake up pain free. No such luck.

I made sure to call my dad last night and let him know that he hurt me. Come to find out, he's sore too, but not as bad as me.

Oh well, you live and learn. We learned not to run a 5.5 mile trail in a foot of snow!

Keep your fingers crossed that I can run this weekend. If not, this will be my lowest mileage week in a long time! It won't even reach double digits.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Don't push it though.

  2. Hey Steph!

    Sorry about the pain...have you ever used The Stick? My calves can get really tight and it works wonders at stretching them out and getting the knots. Also if the ice isn't working try heat. My calves get tight and I need them to loosen up to relieve the pain. A heating pad and about 5-10 minutes with the stick twice a day helps a ton.

    Good luck!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Definitely don't push it and take a lower miler week to come back healthy. Be careful girlie!


  4. Stevi- I have not tried the stick, but I may have to in the future. I do alternate between ice & heat and that seems to help.