Monday, August 17, 2009

My first black toe!

A while back my dad made a comment about how I have yet to get a black toe or lose a toe nail. Well, this morning my toe is black! Thanks for jinxing me dad!

I've ran 13 miles before and this has never happened. I ran 13.2 saturday and now I have a black toe. Does that officially make me a runner? lol

I think the toe nail is next to go...


  1. You are so a runner now :)
    Haha, they are a strange badge of honor, no?

  2. We need to see a picture of this bad boy!!

  3. I will take a picture just for you. :-)

  4. Oh no! I have yet to experience that... Please ask your dad not to say anything to me. HA.

    If you aren't already, try running in a half-size bigger shoe. Once your milage starts to build up on long runs, your feet will swell. This will help prevent possible rubbing.

  5. I run in a 9.5 but wear an 8 in regular shoes. I think it I do to a size 10, I will trip over my own feet!!