Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Looking ahead and last week's exercise

2010 is quickly coming to an end. I start looking ahead and I already have quite the race schedule for 2011! I've chosen my half marathons and marathons for the year and will add shorter distance races where I can. As of now, the 2011 race year looks like this;

February 13th: Riverview Winter Fest 4 mile race
March: 5 mile trail race
April 2nd: Martian half marathon
April 17th: Running Fit Trail half marathon
May 28th: Bayshore marathon
June: ?
July: ?
August 20th: Somerset Stampede half marathon
September: ? - maybe Chicago half marathon
October: Grand Rapids marathon
November: Blitzen the Dotte 5K, Detroit Turkey trot 10K

I am trying to keep my mileage at 30 miles minimum each week. Last week I was just shy of 30. After the turkey trot last year, I focused more on strength training and cross training rather then running. This year I'd like to make sure I maintain at least 30 miles a week through winter, while putting more time into strength training. Then I begin marathon training at the end of January.

Anyway, here is how last weeks running and exercise went.

Monday: 4 mile run; 1.4 treadmill 2.6 track
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: 4.5 mile run w/ speed work on treadmill
Thursday: 5 mile run; 3 miles on treadmill w/ incline work, 1.5 on tracks, .5 on treadmill, push ups 4 x 15
Friday: 3 mile run, core work
Saturday: 7 mile run; 4 miles treadmill, biceps/triceps/chest, 3 miles on treadmill
Sunday: 5 miles; 3 miles on treadmill, shoulders/back/abs, 2 miles on treadmill
Total Mileage: 28.5


  1. Wow- looks like you've got a lot on your plate already! Good luck with training and all the upcoming races. Seems like a good, solid week of training last week.

  2. Good luck on Thursday! We've both been making progress with the 10k. Let's break 46 minutes. I think we can do it.