Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Somerset Stampede Race Results

Saturday, August 17th I ran the Somerset Stampede half marathon.  This was my 4th time running this very hilly and challenging course.  It is a very small race field.  I finished 3rd female overall, so that shows you  just how small it is.  All I hoped for was a course PR.  I knew a distance PR was not obtainable. 

Here are my previous years finish times:

2009 1:46:26, 8:07 pace 3rd in age group
2010 1:40:02, 7:38 pace 2nd in age group
2011 1:44:24, 7:58 pace 1st in age group

Official Results for 2013:

Time: 1:39:00
Pace: 7:33
Age Group Place: 1/16
3rd female overall
Overall: 16/140


  1. Awesome! That is a great time and way to win the AG!!! That's a really great pace for a half - well done!

    1. Thank you Jim!! I appreciate the compliments, especially coming from such a great runner as yourself.

  2. Great job. I expect nothing less from you. :)

    1. You convinced me. In 2014, I'm in for DWD Hell 50k.

    2. AWESOME!!! See you there! You can hook up and run with our group. It's a blast, I promise!!

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