Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Clark Lake Run 12K race results

Saturday, August 3rd, was my 3rd time running the Clark Lake Run 12K.  7.456 miles for those who care not to do the math. :-)

It's a challenging course with lots of rolling hills.  My goal was to start out fast and hang on for as long as I can. May not be the smartest race day strategy but whatever. 

I really, really wanted to run a 7:10 pace.  This would give me a 53:26 finish time.  My first two miles were negative splits; 7:05 & 7:02  Great!  Now to hang on there. Well, that didn't happen.  After the first two miles, my splits were all over the place with one of the remaining miles at 7:24! I think that may have actually been mile 3, then they fluctuated between 7:13-7:16 through the rest of the course. 

I ended up crossing the finish line in 53:50, 7:13 pace.  I am satisfied with those results.  It gave me a new 12K PR and course PR.  Downfall?  My husband beat me by 10 seconds.  He's not a runner.  He's extremely fit, but not a runner.  He lifts weights and has big muscles, while running is MY thing.  He is so strong at hills though.  I wish I could run hills the way he does.  He makes it look so effortless!   We are running 2 more hilly courses over the next couple weeks; Run thru Hell 10 mile on the 10th and Somerset Stampede Half on the 17th.  I may have to quit running if he beats me at these 2 races.  Not really, but I am extremely competitive.  I don't like when he beats me.  My dad made a good point though, I have been so focused on distance running that I don't know what its like to run a short, fast race (like the 12K last weekend).  Here's to hoping I can push it hard at Run thru Hell.

So, my 53:50 finish time at Clark Lake was good for 2nd place in my age group.  They always give out a nice award too.  The previous years I ran, we received tall ceramic mugs.  This year we received pilsner glasses.  I love when I receive an award I can actually use!

Official Results:
Time: 53:50
Pace: 7:13
A/G Place: 2nd/17
Overall: 45th/256

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