Monday, July 30, 2012

Postpartum Stats

It has been just over 4 weeks that I started running again and I have managed to put up 110 miles (11.55 of those walked), with last week being 45.25 miles!  I also ran my longest run in months yesterday; 17 miles.  My pace is still much slower than where I was at this time last year, but I am trying not to focus on my pace.  My main concern is to build up endurance again so that I can maintain 50+ mile weeks now through my ultra and fall marathons.  I've got a trail 50K in less than 8 weeks and a marathon in October.  I just want to finish both strong, not looking to PR!!

Here is how my work outs have stacked up since I started running on June 30th.

June 30th: 4 miles, 50:59, 12:45 pace (run/walk- first postpartum run)
July1st: 5 miles. 54:52, 10:58 pace w/ hills (couple walk breaks)
Total miles: 9

Week of July 2nd-July 8th
Monday: 4.54 mile walk w/ Anna 1:20:30, 17:43 pace (hills)
Tuesday: 4.03 mile walk 1:05:03, 16:09 pace (w/ hills)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3.57 mile run 41:57, 11:45 pace (run/walk w/ hills)
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 5.15 mile run 57:16, 10:07 pace
Total miles: 17.29 miles

Week of July 9th-July 15th
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.01 mile run 40:39, 10:08 pace
Wednesday: 2.98 mile walk w/ Anna, push ups, lifted biceps, squats
Thursday: 6 mile run 55:34, 9:15 pace
Friday: 4 mile run 35:56, 8:59 pace
Saturday: 5 mile run - treadmill 48:30, 9:42 pace, lifted shoulders, chest & triceps
Sunday: 4 miles total: 2 mile run to the gym 18:16, 9:08 pace, lifted biceps, back, planks, 2 mile run home from gym 17:47, 8:54 pace
Total miles: 23.01 miles

Week of July 16th-July 22nd
Monday-Friday: rest (had a scare and decided to wait to run until I saw my doctor on Thursday.  received the green light!)
Saturday: 10.45 mile trail run (3 loops); loop 1: 2.94 miles 26:53, 9:08 pace  Loop 2: 3.26 miles 28:56, 8:52 pace  Loop 3: 4.25 miles 38:09, 8:59 pace
Sunday: 5 mile run - treadmill 47:00, 9:24 pace, lifted biceps & shoulders
Total miles: 15.45

Week of July 23rd-July29th
Monday: 5 mile run - treadmill 47:22, 9:26 pace, lifted back
Tuesday: 8 mile run 1:12:44, 9:05 pace (first run with my 5am running group since Anna's birth)
Wednesday: 7 mile run 1:03:25, 9:04 pace w/ hill work, push ups 6x10
Thursday: rest
Friday: 8.25 mile run 1:10:30, 8:33 pace (ran on the Illinois prairie path, fastest run since Anna's birth!)
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 17 mile run 2:43:47, 9:38 pace (ran on the Illinois prairie path, longest run since Anna's birth)
Total miles: 45.25 miles

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