Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's been a long time!

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted anything in my blog!! Anna is now 1 month and 3 days old. She smiled today for the first time too! I thought being home with Anna would be so relaxing but its really not. I am constantly doing something around the house or taking care of her. I go to the doctors on the 18th and I hope he gives the green light to start running because.... I started running on June 30th. I've been feeling so good that I just couldn't help myself. I've been going slow and taking walk breaks. Between June 30th and today, I have run 5 times (just got back from a slow 4 miler) for a total of 21.75 miles. Do you know how good it feels to run? I am stil extremely slow, but faster than I ran at the end of my pregnancy. I know some people may think I am nuts to take it upon myself and start running prior to seeing my doctor at my 6 week check up, but I've done a ton of reading on postpartum running and, although I am not a doctor, I feel I can handle it. Again, I am running slow and taking walk breaks. I listen to my body and check for signs of it telling me to back off. If I had not run through out my entire pregnancy including a 3.1 mile run and 5.5 mile walk just the day before I delivered, then this would not be a smart move on my part. But since I have put in high miles with lots of long runs I think I am ok. Plus, I had such an easy pregnancy and smooth delivery. All being free of complications. I can't wait to start running hard, long and fast again. I am sop eager to sign up for races too! I actually filled out my first race registration this morning. Run Clark Lake 12K on August 4th. I may not be "racing" it, but it will be fun to just get out there with others who share the love of running.


  1. Welcome back! Glad to hear you and baby are happy and healthy.

  2. I've said it before, you are my preggo running hero and I hope I can do even half of what you were able to do when I am pregnant someday! Glad to hear you are both doing well!!! I love all the pics you've been posting on FB, she is too die for! :)

  3. So glad you and baby are doing well! When it comes to exercise does the doctor also clear you for other types of activity (yoga, cycling, eliptical, etc.)? I was just curious if there are some forms of exercise that women are allowed to do because they are lighter impact. Thoughts??

    1. Actually, they say no exercise for 6 weeks. I've googled "running postpartum" and have found most runners start running prior to the 6 week mark. That is, if they have had a complication free pregnancy and an easy vaginal delivery. I started walking about a week after delivery. It was slow and uncomfortable below the belt. I thought I would never be running again but here I am 1 month later and running. Slowly, but at least I am moving!! I'll let you know what my doctor says when I see him next week.

  4. Welcome back! Glad everyone is doing well and you actually fee like running. Ha! You'll be passing me again in no time....darn it!