Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dances with Dirt 50K results

Another successful DWD, new 50K trail PR of 5:41:22 and 1st in my age group!  

Dances with Dirt offers 3 events; 50K ultra individual, 50M ultra individual or 100M relay.  The main draw to the DWD events are the relay teams.  There was just over 100 runners in the 50K and 50 runners in the 50M.  There were about 50 teams in the relay. 

This is my consecutive year running the 50K.  In 2011 I ran with my dad and our friend Mike, finishing in 6:16:56 and was about 5 weeks pregnant at the time but didn't know it.  Last year in 2012, I ran this with my dad along with my running friends Dave P., Mike, Dave Z. and Angie and we finished in 6:20:50.  I had just given birth about 3.5 months prior so we expected it to be a slower time. 

This year I really wanted us to beat the 2011 finish time and would love if we went under 6 hours.  We started out with a group of 8; myself, my dad, Dave Z., Dave P., Mike, Jessie, Angie and Brandi.  We planned to stick together the entire race. In the end, only 4 of us finished together.  That was me, Dave P., Angie and my dad.  Even though we didn't finish as a group of 8, we all still managed to cross that line in under 6 hours! Not only did we all come in under 6 hours, we all placed in our age groups.  5 of us to 1st and 3 took 2nd!  Definitely a great day overall!!

This was my last race being in the 30-34 age group.  I move up to the 35-39 age group on October 20th.  I'll be celebrating the new age group by running a marathon that day.  :-)

Official Results:
Time: 5:41:22
Pace: 11:00
A/G: 1/6
Gender Overall: 5/38
Overall: 20/115

Angie, Dave P., my dad and me with our awards (beer buckets and pilsner glasses)

Mike, Dave P., Brandi, my dad, Jessie, Dave Z., Angie and me

Another group shot


  1. GREAT job on the race! 50K is a tough distance for me. Just tough to train for that mileage without boing crazy. But of course you killed it.

    As for your question on my blog - I always put together my own plan. I've failed enough that I think I'm learning what not to do - ha. But I just feel like I know my body better than anyone else and can develop a plan specific to my needs. Plus I know what I respond best to. The challenge is not getting comfortable and doing what's easy when you build your own plan. I think we all naturally gravitate toward our strengths and avoid our weaknesses. Working on your weaknesses in training is tough to motivate yourself to do without a coach. I would love to use a coach someday, but I haven't yet. Have a great week Stephanie.

    1. Thanks Jim!!

      If I decide to create my own training plan for next years Boston, I will publish it on here and would love your feedback/advice/opinion!!

  2. Are you ever going to stop kicking ass at races? :) Well done on the AG win chica! I'm assuming 10/20 is Detroit? If so we'll see you at our cheer station as you run by! I think we're aiming to be around Mile 11 or 12. Look for the HURT sign and whatever ridiculousness we decide to sport.

    1. Yes, Detroit!! And I will most definitely look for you!!