Monday, July 15, 2013

What I've been up to; running, future races, new shoes.

Running, running and more running.

After the Ann Arbor Marathon, I decided to take the entire month of July off from racing.  It has been marathon training and marathon racing January - June and I needed a break. 

That break didn't last too long...

I created a self challenge and the recruited a few running friends to join in the "fun".  Run everyday for the month of July.  So much for "taking it easy".  It's been fun, so far and for their efforts, I will give the person with the highest mileage for the month a little runners good bag. 

We started on July 1st, which was a Monday (perfect for me since I prefer to have my weeks go mon-sun).  Yesterday was the last day of week #2 and I am currently at 110.90 miles for the month so far.  Week #1 was 53.95 miles and week #2 was 56.95 miles.  I wish I had paid closer attention to my totals so that I could have made it an even 54 and 57 for each week.  Anyway, this weeks goal is to hit 60 miles.  If I can keep this up, July of 2013 will make my highest mileage month ever. 

I have also finalized my 2013 race calendar.  I still need to register for a few of these, but once I know I plan on running a specific race, I never back out.

Here's what I have for the balance of 2013;

August 3rd: Run Clark Lake 12K
August 10th: Run thru Hell 10 mile
August 17th: Somerset Stampede half marathon - my cousin will be coming to town from Illinois and this will be her first half!!
September 7th: Run Woodstock Marathon (trail) - running this as part of our 50K training.
September 21st: Dances with Dirt 50K (trail)
September 29th: Brooksie Way half marathon
October 20th: Detroit Marathon
November 10th: Monroe half marathon
November 28th: Detroit turkey trot drumstick double (5K & 10K)

I need a second job to start funding my race addiction!

Thanks to my loving husband, I recently received my 2nd pair of Adidas Energy Boost.  I love these shoes.  My last pair has over 650 miles on them (and 3 marathons!) and they just now began giving my aches and pains.  Adidas has put out some fun colors for the new models.  I love how bright these are!

 I am also considering the Adidas Bostons as a shoe to add to my rotation.  They are a neutral shoe and light weight.  I would use them for hill work and easy paced runs, while running the Boosts on speed days, faster long runs and races.  For years I have spent all my time running in a support shoe.  I needed it when I started.  I over-pronate.  The Energy Boost are a cross between neutral w/ some support for those who over-pronate.  When I run in my other shoes, they feel bulky and uncomfortable.  Should I be going neutral?  Who knows.  Only time will tell once I start phasing out my others while adding the Bostons.

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