Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swim Class

I am still alive.  Boston training has not killed me.  Well, not yet anyway.  We'll see in a week and a half when I run my 1 of 2 VERY hilly 20 milers out in A2 (aka Ann Arbor).  Right now, I am averaging just under 50 miles a week with a "hill" work out and/or speed work once a week.  I am also doing my best to make time for strength and core work 2-3 times a week. Usually that consists of lots of planks and push ups.

Speaking of different forms of exercise other than running, I am taking a swim class.  OTHER FORMS OF EXERCISE??  NO WAY!!  That is my thought exactly.

Seriously though, my husband and I signed up for an advanced adult swim class that begins tomorrow and runs for 7 weeks.  Two of our friends take this class year around at our local YMCA.  They really enjoy the class and recommended it since Chris wants to complete a triathlon.  I, on the other hand, just know swimming is good for the body but never have done it.  Not in a lap pool.  I am more of a "lay by the lake or on a beach in a bikini w/ tropical drink in hand and frolic in the water to cool off" kind of gal.  We trust their opinion since Dave has completed multiple Ironman triathlons (he's one of my early morning 5am running partners) and Nell (his girlfriend) have taken the class with him and says it has helped her tremendously.  She recently registered for Ironman AZ.  It will be her first. 

Anyway, I had to buy a one piece swimsuit.  Oh my goodness.  These are the ugliest pieces of clothing I have ever put on my body.  Not one single suit was semi-flattering.  Luckily I was able to find a plain black one that fit.  It's still super ugly on.  I had to go fun with my cap and goggles.  I ended up with a bright pink cap and pink goggles.  I'll make sure to take a photo when I dress for class tomorrow evening.  I hope to learn good form and I hope I enjoy it enough to add one day a week of swimming to my training.  We shall see.... Hopefully I don't drown.


  1. One pieces really are hideous, I actually went out of my way to get a really ugly one because at that point I was like, it can't hurt? Ha! Have fun with it!

    Oooo A2 runs eh?!?! You'll have to message me where you're headed!

    1. You got it! We'll be out there on the 9th and again on the 30th.