Monday, December 10, 2012

2013 Race Schedule

Like most runners I know, as soon as the year starts winding down we start focusing on the next year.  I've set myself up for some pretty lofty goals/difficult races.  Here's what I have so far:

February 10, 2012: Riverview Winter Fest 4 miler - must beat last years time and try to meet 2010's time of 28 minutes.

March 24, 2012: Rock CF Half Marathon - goal is to run a 1:35 or faster.

April 15, 2013: Boston Marathon!!! - just enjoy the race and experience of the Boston marathon, but make sure I at least run it in under 4 hours.  I've never seen a 4 hour marathon, so why start now?  :-)

April 27, 2013: Running Fit's Trail Half Marathon - I love this event but missed it last year since I was pregnant and trail running at that point was out of the question.  2 hours or better.

May 5, 2013: Pittsburgh Marathon - enjoy the hill course and first time running this event.  Again, run under 4 hours and push hard if fully recovered from Boston.  This course is very hilly!

June 9, 2013: Ann Arbor Marathon - just to run 3 marathons in 3 months.  If feeling good, try to push for a 3:30-3:35.  another hilly course.

July 2013: ?

August 24, 2013: North Country Trail Marathon - training run for my 50 miler in September.

September 7, 2013: Run Woodstock 50 miler - my first 50 miler.  No goal but to finish!!

October 20, 2012: Detroit Marathon - its on my birthday so I have to run it.  depending on how the 50 miler goes, shooting for 3:35 for my 35th birthday OR sub 4 hours and run an extra 8.8 after to make it an even 35 miles on my 35th birthday.

November 2013: ?

December 2013: ?

So there you have it.  Looks pretty intense and insane now that I have it written down.  I am so ready to tackle these events.  I love long distance running and all the training that goes into it.  I am sure I will throw in a few other events, but these are my MUST run for 2013.


  1. Looks like a great plan! Hopefully I'll see you at a few of them. Rock CF is high on my list - comeback after the baby :)

    1. Rock CF is such a great race, isn't it? I look forward to seeing you make your post-baby comeback!!!

  2. Wow. That's an incredible schedule. I'll be at CF with both of you. It's where we all met! I was hoping for a 1:35 as well but I'm not feeling good about it. Knees/hips still bothering me since October - yikes! We'll see. 50 miler!!! Holy cow - is your Dad running that one with you too? He's a machine!(you too!) By the way, I ran North County half - you will LOVE this course if you have not run it. All single track and hilly!

    1. I am trying to stay positive about 1:35 but I too am not so sure. Let's just keep telling ourselves we can!!

      Yes, my dad will be running quite a few of these events with me; Rock CF (pacing me to that 1;35, so you can join us if you'd like) Boston, Ann Arbor, the 50 miler, Detroit.

      I've never run North Country so I am looking forward to it!!

  3. Wow! You are so organized! I need to get cracking on 2013, I guess. :-)