Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boston 2012, Dad's race results

A quick recap of my dad and our friend Mike's Boston experience.  I am so glad the two of them had each other to run with.  When you train through winter in the mid-west and get slapped with close to 90 degree temps on race day, it's a shock to the system!  I followed their times closely through-out the day and watched them get progressively slower and slower as they went on.  Due to the high heat warning, they were just going to make this an enjoyable "fun" run.  The only goal was to not see 4 hours on the clock.  My dad said he started sweating just making the .70 mile walk from athletes village to the starting corral.  He took water at each stop (they had water every mile) and would dump a cup over his head.  He said he was soaking wet with water and sweat, head to toe!   He watched someone get hauled off on a stretcher at mile 8.  MILE 8!!! 

Dad (on left) and Mike 16.5 miles into the marathon, looking strong!

Just after this photo was taken my dad started to fade, and fast.  He said it took all he had to shuffle along between miles 18 and 20.  Mike helped him along those 2 miles while he took in fuel, hydrated and began to catch his 2nd wind.  Then it was Mike's turn.  Mike's legs and feet began to cramp up.  They walked a bit when needed.  They finally made the turn on to Boylston.  Mike tried to push the pace a bit, but my dad told him don't bother, they were not going to make 4 hours.  They crossed the finish line in 4:01:27.  A personal best for my dad... his slowest marathon ever!  But that's ok.  Considering what they endured, that is a great time!!  

A couple post race photos....

What's next?  Well, they intend to take a week off and then hammer back at it to run a marathon on May 20th.  They both need to BQ this year so that they can run with me in 2013!

I am so proud of my dad, and Mike too!!


  1. Awww, I love how much you love your dad - it is nice to see :)

    Congratulations to both of them...I have a good feeling all three of you will be out there next year!!!

  2. Awesome! congrats to Mike & your dad running and finishing Boston!

  3. Thank goodness they had each other to get through that tough race! I think its so awesome that they are going to work hard to BQ for 2013 so that they can run with you :)

    BTW there is a guy in my gym in the mornings that looks EXACTLY like your dad....it's scary almost! Tell him he has a twin in NJ :)

    1. Ha! I will tell him just that. Funny, because Mike is originally from NJ!!