Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3 days and 18 hours....

Until I run my 4th marathon/2nd marathon for 2011 (or 5th marathon/3rd for 2011 if I count my ultra from last month). 

I am going into this race without expecting a whole heck of a lot.  My goal is to run a 3:40-3:45, as I am running with a friend from our local YMCA and that is his goal and would give him a PR.  I really hope that I start to feel better about this event.  As of today, I am not feeling ready.  My left piriformis has been bothering me and I have not gotten good sleep in the past 2 days.  It's already Wednesday and I am in the red when it comes to hours of sleep per night.  I am going to lay down tonight around 8pm with hopes of catching up.  It doesn't help that I spent Monday tailgating and attending the Monday night football game.  It threw off my schedule and isn't the best way to prepare for a marathon!

I am taking a few hours personal time on Friday to go to the expo since it opens at 3pm.  Last year they ran out of women's size small shirts.  I didn't pay $90 to have to wait 2 months for my race shirt.  :-)  I also want to pick up a fun headband or two and any thing else that may peak my interest. 

Saturday we have a group of roughly 20 going to dinner at Pia's at 5pm.  Should be a fun meal considering that we are all either running in the event or will be spectating the event.  And speaking of spectating, my dad is coming to watch me for the first time ever!! He's never spectated a race, he usually runs them so I am pretty excited to see him out on the course. 

My mom and step father are working the start line and my aunt is working the finish.  Sunday is turning out to be one big family event! 


  1. Good luck this weekend! Sounds like it will be not too much pressure and a fun family affair! And I really hope you are able to get some shut eye before then!

  2. Good luck this weekend! I'm also running Detroit as my second marathon and I'm just going to take it easy!

  3. It's funny to hear that at 3:45 your not expecting much. I'd kill for that time! Haha! Good luck Sunday! It's nice to have people down there. My running buddy is doing the half and is going to take pictures of me at the marathon finish(if it's not a rainy day)

  4. I feel the same way about being behind on sleep due to Monday Night Football. Not the best of marathon plans, but it sure was one hell of a game! Good luck Sunday and hopefully I'll see you on Friday at the expo!

  5. Good luck on Sunday Steph! Sounds like a fun filled weekend and I hope you catch up on your sleep before then.
    PS - I'd kill for a 3:45 time!!! LOL!!