Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dances with Dirt pre-race logistics

2 more days until my first 50K.  And not just any 50K, Dances with Dirt Extreme trail 50K!  They also have a 50 mile race and a 100 mile relay race.  My dad has done the 100 mile relay so at least I will be with someone who knows what to expect.  If you are curious what the course is like and what we will encounter, click here. 

Since this is a trail event, we must have a headlamp or flash light at the start.  Our start time is 6:15am, which calls for us to be out the door by 4:30am.  I have decided to stay the night at my dad's the night before for various reasons.  One of them being that I do not have to drive.  Ha. Joking. Maybe.  It really just makes it easier on us both.  We will consolidate our drop bag so instead of each having one, we will pack our stuff in one larger duffel bag.  We will need extra shoes, socks, shorts, gels, body glide, ivy block, etc...  I laminated us 2 maps; one to carry with us and one to keep in our drop bag in case the other gets ruined.  I am hoping we won't need to use them though! 

We have 2 options of checking in prior to the event; either the night before or the morning of.  I will be going to the start area Friday evening to turn in our signed waivers and to pick up our race packet.  It will make it easier on us come the morning of the event.  We've already decided on our pre-race dinner and breakfast; pizza Friday night and bagels w/ coffee Saturday morning. 

I hope I am ready for this.  At this point, I really have no choice.  I can't wait to be able to wear one of those famous DWD shirts! 


  1. You are going to have SO MUCH FUN!

  2. good luck - this race sounds like so much fun! can't wait to hear the race report!!

    btw - love that you run with your dad!

  3. Good luck. I have heard great things about the race.

  4. You have become such a rock star! 50k's rule. Just a heads up, you might fall. It happens. It's trails, its a race and tree roots and rocks play dirty... which is convenient for the title of your race. Run strong and have fun with pops!

  5. Good luck and I hope the rain stays away. I love DWD......